Why Afrimech Pty Ltd?


– We have a 24 hour Call Centre to assist customers
– We have built a reputation in the communication industry.
– We understand the language of our industry.
– Our partners respect us .
– We are pace setters for our competitors.y
– We are innovative and offer variety under one roof.
– We understand small business
-Over 3 years experience

Desktop phone sales

☎These are semi mobile desktop phones.
-No need for Telkom line
-No need for  data
-Sim card based
-We also do VoIP


Handheld landline phones

– These are mobile landline devices
-Contract and non contract Deals
– If you opt for non-contract deal, you will be responsible for your own talk time.

Contract Landline Schemes

– This is gadget + voice deals that are on an open End contract.

An open End contract can be terminated by the customer at any time.

Deals start at R402.50 paid Once off.

Monthly premium will be R267. 80

Benefit of this deal :

Unlimited calls-
24 Hour support-
Call records –

Initiation payments may differ depending on the Device of choice.

Desktop and Mobile Device shot time rental

We rent you a landline number + Device for a period from 3 days to 90 days.

A refundable deposit of R850.00 is required.

Rental rates:

1 day —R200.00
2 – 4 days R600.00

5 – 14 days R750.00

15 – 30 days R900.00


A virtual landline number is a landline number that we link to your current cell phone number without affecting your cell number.

The following codes are available: 010…011..012..013..014…015..021..031..041..087

The landline airtime is available at all major shops and online as a pay@ Bill payment.
Bills can be paid at :

R35.00 gets you 100 minutes talk time.

To get your Virtual landline number pay R50 activation fee.

After paying send proof of payment with the following of your details:

Cell number
Email address
Company name
Code you want

The landline process takes only 5 minutes to complete after receiving your information.

Our banking details :

ACCOUNT 62776498430

E WALLET 0736182131

We also sell desktop phones

R402.50 gets you a desktop phone .

Desktop phone customers pay R286.00 every month and get unlimited calls.

If interested in Desktop phone please ask for a Link .

Desktop phone :

No need for Telkom line

No need for data

Sim card with landline included

Terms of desktop can not be negotiated.

Delivery takes 3 days after payment.

Costs stated above include vat and courier

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